Beautiful Bright Baby Blanket

I have been waiting SO LONG to share this project with all of you!  I made a baby blanket for a dear friend of mine, but I had to wait to share the project on my blog until after I had time to mail the gift to her, and I knew that she had opened the package.  I did not want her to see my blog post and have that ruin the surprise of the gift!

Here is a close up of the blanket . . .


I used the Big Twist Rainbow Classic yarn.  From the first second I saw this yarn, I thought of one particular person, since she loves bright colors.  The yarn is nice and soft . . . perfect to snuggle with!  I thought it would be perfect for a baby blanket.  Who says that baby blankets have to be pink, blue or a lot of the other “typical” baby blanket colors you seem to see over and over again!


Here is an overall view of the blanket.  As you can see, I broke up the rainbow yarn with some solid color teal yarn.


I used the exact same pattern that I used for a blanket I recently made for my daughter, in her school colors.  Instead of re-typing out the directions for making the blanket how about I just let you go to that original post HERE.  Both of these projects were inspired by the blanket pattern from pattern book by that I reviewed HERE.


The pattern is really simple . . . if you know how to make a chain stitch, a single crochet stitch and a double crochet stitch then you are set!

If you do not know some of these stitches, I would highly recommend getting one of the books.  They have great instructions with photo tutorials to help you along.  Before you know it, you can be making blankets like this!  I have the One Skein Baby Projects book. If you click on the image below you can check out their collection!


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5 Responses

  1. I have not been able to download the pattern for this great baby blanket. I would appreciate any help.

  2. Where is the typed pattern.
    I got bits and pieces from the other blanket. I copied and pasted what I found. Good Luck!!!

    This blanket is based off a baby blanket pattern I had, which called for 66 chains to start with. I believe I did this one 165 chains, and I believe it was a G size hook.

    The basic blanket starts off with a chain stitch, then you single crochet into every stitch for the first row. For the next row you do a single crochet and a double crochet into the same stitch, skip a stitch, then do a single crochet and a double crochet into the next stitch, skip a stitch . . . continue like this for the whole row. When you come back for the next pass, you are doing a single crochet and a double crochet into every single crochet stitch for the row before.

    The border is simply two rows of single crochet

  3. How many rows of the rainbow yarn do you do and how many of the teal? Also, after the last row you explain where you do a single and double crochet into every single crochet from the row before, do you repeat from the beginning?

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