Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Buzz Lightyear

I hope you are enjoying all of the Disney Christmas crafts and tutorials that I have put together. This week I am focused on ornaments, and today’s is the Buzz Lightyear Christmas tree ornament tutorial! I am going to use the same basic ornament shape that I shared with you earlier this week. Click HERE to go to that post and then come back here to see how I added elements to make the ornament look like Buzz Lightyear.

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Buzz Lightyear Christmas Ornament – Step by Step

Once you have the basic Christmas ornament SVG uploaded into Design Space, click on the image and adjust the size. I decided to make mine 5″ in height. You can either drag the double arrow in the lower right corner of the image to resize, or enter the exact height you want in the Size area on the top panel. I circled the size area in blue at the top of this image for you to make it easy for you to find.

Disney Christmas ornaments

When you click on the image, you will notice that all of the pieces of the Christmas ornament will resize together. This is because I have grouped them together. Since I am going to want to alter the white piece, I am going to click the Ungroup button in the upper right corner, indicated with the blue arrow in the image below. Ungrouping the layers will allow me to more easily work with just the white layer.

Christmas ornament

Using Slice in Cricut Design Space

For this Buzz Lightyear ornament I want the top and bottom of the ornament to be white, but the center to be green like his tool belt. To separate the ornament piece into three sections, I will use the Slice feature which will cut the ornament.

One important thing to remember about using Slice in Cricut Design Space is that Slice will only work when you have two things selected, so in order to slice this into three sections, I will have to use slice twice. Think about slice like using a pair of scissors. You could not cut this ornament shape into three sections at once with an ordinary pair of scissors.

I am going to insert a square from the Shapes button on the left of the Design Space screen. Then I will unlock the padlock icon in the lower left corner of the square so that I can stretch the square into a rectangle. I place that rectangle over the top portion of the white ornament piece. Do this process again, but this time cover the lower portion of the white ornament piece. When you are done your image should look similar to the image below.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament slice

Since I want to make sure that I am only selecting two things at one time, I am going select my shapes from the layers panel, instead of trying to click on them in the Design Space canvas. To do this I will click on the top rectangle on the layers panel and while holding down the shift key on my keyboard I will click on the white ornament from the layers panel on the right. I have both of them pointed out with blue arrows in the image below.

Once you have two things and only two things selected, the Slice button will turn on. You can click on that in the lower right corner of Design Space. I have it indicated with a blue arrow in the image below.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament slice

Now we do that whole process over again for the lower portion of the Buzz Lightyear ornament. This time you will select the ornament shape from the layers panel where you can see the lower part of the ornament in the preview. While holding the shift key down on your keyboard, select the rectangle from the layers panel. I have both of them indicated with blue arrows in the image below. Now you can select the slice button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament slice

The next step is to delete everything that is gray from this design. Remember, we just used that gray square shape so that we could tell the Cricut where to slice, so we do not need it as a part of our final projects. Once you do that, your image should look like the one below. Click on the center section of the ornament shape, and change that to a nice bright green color, to represent Buzz Lightyear’s tool belt. I have circled the Operations area where you can change the color in the image below.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Buzz Lightyear’s Toolbelt Buttons

Now we can accessorize Buzz’s toolbelt by adding the buttons. Since the buttons are basic shapes of circles and ovals we are going to go to the Shapes button and click on a circle to insert that.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Click on the circle and then on the top of the Cricut Design Space panel in the Operations section you can click on the square to open up the color selector and change the color of the circle to red.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Once the circle is red, click on the double arrows in the lower right corn of the circle. This is how you can quickly resize the circle. Make it just a little smaller than the height of the toolbelt.

Since an oval is a distorted or stretched out circle, I am going to right click on the red circle to get the pull down of choices that you see in the image below. From this list I can select duplicate, which is the same as doing a copy and paste but all in one click. The other way to duplicate something in Design Space is with the Duplicate button in the upper right corner, which I have circled in the image below.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

To change the circle into an oval, I am going to click on the small padlock icon in the lower left corner outside of the circle. When the padlock is in the lock position, and you resize your images, it keeps the height and width proportional to each other. When the padlock is unlocked, you can stretch and distort your images. So for this circle I will leave the height the same, but just bring the width down and you can see the shape starts to look like an oval.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Once you have one oval made, you can use Duplicate to make two more ovals. Make sure to change the color of one of the ovals to green and the third one to blue. Move all of the ovals into place on the toolbelt, and you are almost done with your Buzz Lightyear ornament!

Before I move all of these pieces back over the black background piece I like to select them and use the Group button to hold things together. Group tells Cricut Design Space to keep each item on it’s own layer, but make them work as a grouping. This allows you to move all of the pieces in one group, instead of moving them one at a time. Group is also great for keeping things together if you want to resize several layers at the same time.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

For an extra touch of color I changed the top cap of the ornament to a purple color to represent the purple accents on Buzz Lightyear’s space suit. After that you can click Make It and the Cricut will tell you which color of material to load on the cutting mat to begin to cut all of the pieces.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Buzz Lightyear Ornament Video

If you would like to see a video of how all of those steps in the process came together, I have my Buzz Lightyear ornament video for you below, or you can check it out on my YouTube channel.

Assemble your Buzz Lightyear Ornament

Once everything is cut, all you need to do is assemble your Buzz Lightyear ornament. To do this I am going to use double sided tape in a tape runner and my Zig glue pen. If you do any paper crafting, these are a must have crafting supply!

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Use the tape runner to apply the double sided tape to the back of the two white ornament pieces and position those on the black backing piece first. This will help you to make sure that the green toolbelt piece ends up centered evenly between the two white pieces. You can use the tape runner to apply tape to the back of the green toolbelt piece and place that next.

Buzz Lightyear Christmas ornament

Now you can use the glue pen to place glue where you want the buttons to be on the toolbelt, and place the button shapes over the top of the glue. Last, glue the ornament topper in place.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you stop back every day from now until Christmas to see what other Disney Christmas crafts I have planned for you! I am doing 25 Days of Disney Christmas Crafts to inspire you to add more Disney to your life while using your Cricut for crafting. If you want to see the whole line up of crafts you can go HERE.


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