Cricut Window Cling

Have you tried using the Cricut Window Cling material? I just started to use this a few months ago and I love how easy it is to work with.  I thought that I would not only share what I have made with you, but also use this post to answer some questions that I saw people asking on a Facebook group.


The window cling comes on a roll, and you just cut the amount you need for your image.

I used the vinyl setting on my Cricut to cut it.  This will allow the Cricut to cut through the window cling material, but not the backing sheet.  Once the image is cut, you weed away the negative space around or inside the cut just like you would with vinyl.

I used the Mickey and Friends Love at First Sight for these first two images.


How is this material DIFFERENT than vinyl?

There is no adhesive on this material.  Vinyl has a sticky adhesive side, which is what you use to apply the vinyl to your project.  The window cling material does not have any sticky side.  This is because it “sticks” to the surface because of static electricity. It will stick to windows, glass and mirrors.

Since there is no sticky side, there is no need to mirror your image when you cut it.

There is also no need for transfer tape.  Just peel the cut off of the backing like you would a sticker, and then apply it to the surface you want it to stick too.  I always clean the surface I am applying it to first, to make sure there is no dust or dirt on the surface and that you get a good stick.

You can remove it, put it back onto the backing sheet and store it and then apply it again later.  This is a great way to make holiday window decorations that you can use over and over again.  I did this with some Mickey Mouse snowflakes I made.  You can check out that post by clicking HERE.

Window cling material is intended for indoor use.  You can put it on your windows, mirrors or other glass surfaces.  This type of material is not what you want to use if you are making car decals.  For that you need a vinyl with adhesive on the back so that it permanently sticks to the car window.  Of course, if you are decorating a car window for an event, like a wedding, and the images might only be on the windows for a day then this could work . . . especially if you applied it to the inside of the car window.


For the word LOVE I used a Mickey Mouse icon and welded it together in Design Space with the other letters  . . . quick and easy.


I found this kissing Mickey and Minnie image online and uploaded it to Design Space and then added the world love underneath it.  A friend of mine asked me if I could do an image with two Mickey Mouses for her son and his boyfriend . . . so then I created the image below.


I am selling all of these window clings on a Facebook page that I have.  If you would like to join so you can see everything I have listed there, just click HERE.

Click here to purchase your Cricut Window Cling material and start creating today!

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