Frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes window clings

Frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes

The other day I shared that I made some Mickey Mouse snowflake window clings.  If you want to see the full step by step tutorial to show you how YOU can create these snowflakes just click HERE. This frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes project was kind of a happy accident so let me tell you the story . . .

Frosted Mickey Mouse Snowflakes

It all started with an idea. I was looking at a snowflake design in Cricut Design Space that had round “dots” on the points of the snowflake. Since I am a HUGE Disney fan, I saw an opportunity to add a touch of Disney magic to them!

Instead of explaining the whole process over again, I am going to send you to my step by step tutorial through the button below. But before you click on that make sure to scroll down to see how great the frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes turned out!

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Frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes

I loved the way they turned out that I wanted to make some more for friends and family.  I cannot sell them since the Mickey Mouse icon is a trademarked image. Since I know so many other Disney fans who would love these as a gift I ran back to the store to get more window click material.

When I got home and opened it, I was surprised because it was frosted and not the white like I thought I had grabbed.  But then I cut the snowflakes and WOW . . . I love the little touch of sparkle that is in the frosted window cling material from Cricut! So now I have both white and frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes that I can use every year!

Frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes

And if you like this project, you should check out some of my OTHER Disney holiday projects I have done. I even have a whole 25 Days of Disney Christmas Crafts list you can check out HERE.

Frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes

I purchased my Cricut window cling material at my local craft store, but you can also pick it up on Amazon. To make things easy for you, I put a link to the frosted window cling below.

Frosted Mickey Mouse snowflakes

Make sure to check out my original post that shows you how I made these using Cricut Design Space™,

If you want to purchase your window cling directly from Cricut you can use this link.

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