Crocheted Snowman Gift Bag

Before Christmas I saw another person post an ADORABLE crocheted snowman gift bag on a crocheting Facebook group I am in.  They had found the pattern at and you can click HERE to find that pattern.

Well, I had some white yarn in my stash, so I grabbed it and started to crochet.  I had no idea what sort of gift I was going to use the bag for and I just started to crochet.  As I was going along, I happened to look over at a past wine bottle Christmas project I had created and I thought “This could be a cute gift bag for a bottle of wine, if I made it taller than the pattern calls for.”  So I just kept crocheting until I used up the ball of white yarn that I had.

crocheted snowman gift bag

Then I found this aqua blue yarn in my stash, left over from a baby blanket I made, and I thought it would make a nice bright accent color for this project.  I am not sure if it was lack of sleep, or pre-holiday stress, but I just could not get the bottom of the hat to look the same as the pattern, so I just did a double crochet and then did a long chain-type stitch layered over the top of that for the bottom part of the hat.

crocheted snowman gift bag

Then I had to do another alteration for the nose. I did not have any orange yarn to do the nose on the snowman, so I decided to use embroidery floss and kind of “cross stitch” a nose on the snowman.  Then, since I was doing the nose with embroidery floss I just decided to do the whole face that way.

crocheted snowman gift bag

This was a great way to use up some scraps in my yarn stash.  And snowmen don’t need to be just for Christmas.  If someone was having a birthday in the next couple of months I could still use this for their gift.

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