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Mickey Mouse Christmas

Making and sharing treats is a great tradition at the holidays. This will show you how to make a Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag that can be used for a cookie exchange.

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For me one of the best parts of the holidays is the great food and sharing time with others. When I go to someone’s home I like to bring a small gift and that is why I created this Mickey Mouse Christmas gift bag. It is just the right size for some Christmas candy, cookies or even a cute way to give someone a gift card. I created this whole project with my Cricut, a Mickey Mouse Christmas image from Design Space and a cookie bag SVG from Dreaming Tree. If you have never used a SVG file before, make sure to check out my article HERE.

Mickey Mouse Christmas Wreath Image

Start by going to Images in Cricut Design Space, then you can either search for Mickey or type in #M15OFB16 to find this exact same Mickey Mouse Christmas wreath image. Click on that and insert it on to your working canvas in Design Space.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

Once this image is on your canvas in Design Space, you can see that it has a dark red outline or offset around the whole image. Since I do not want that layer for this project I am going to find it on the Layers panel on the right hand side and turn it off. I have a blue arrow pointing to this layer in the image below.

Do you see the little eyeball icon on that layer? I have it circled in blue in the image below. Click on that and it will turn off or hide the layer. Since the Cricut will only cut the layers that are turned on, this layer is still there, but it just will not cut.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

Creating Layers with Duplicate and Contour

Next I want to create additional layers for this project. If we look at the layer that is currently white, you will see that Mickey’s face and tongue are also on the white layer. I would like the face to be on a flesh tone layer and the tongue to be on a pink layer. To do this I am going to use Duplicate and Contour. The directions below are for using Duplicate and Contour on the computer version of Design Space. If you want to do this same thing on the mobile app I have a video for that HERE.

On the right side of the screen click on the white layer. I have this marked with a blue arrow in the image below. Now we want to Duplicate this layer. To do that you can either right click on the layer to get a pull down and choose Duplicate, or you can click on the Duplicate button in the upper right corner of the Design Space screen just under the green Make It button. Duplicate is like doing a copy and paste function all in one move.

You will actually need to duplicate this layer two times. Once you have done this, make the color of one of these new layers pink, and the other one a flesh tone. You can change the color by clicking on the square in the Operations section on the top panel.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

Now we can use Contour to edit our layers. I am going to show you the pink layer for this example. Click on the pink layer and then select the Contour button, which is found in the lower right corner of Design Space and circled in the image above. When you click on Contour a new window will open up that will look like the next image below.

This new Hide Contour window shows you the separate sections or cuts in this layer. To make the Cricut only cut the tongue from pink, we just have to turn off or hide all of the other areas of the cut. To turn off sections you can click on them or click on their preview on the right side of this window. You can see in the image below that I have turned off or hidden everything except for that very last piece on the right hand side, which is the tongue shape.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

Once you have turned off everything except for the tongue, you can click the X in the upper right corner of the Hide Contour screen to close out of it.

Now you can click on the flesh tone layer, and you will turn off everything except for Mickey’s face. Do the same thing for the white layer, so that you turn off the face and tongue and just leave the gloves and pieces for Mickey Mouse’s Santa suit white. Once your layers are adjusted you can move them back over the main design to look like the image below.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

Mickey Mouse Christmas Treat Bag

For the actual treat bag you could purchase a gift bag or food storage container for the store, and just add your Mickey Mouse Christmas image to that, but I found this adorable cookie bag SVG from Dreaming Tree. If you have never used a SVG file before, make sure to check out my article HERE.

After you download the SVG file you will need to unzip it to upload the correct pieces. For this Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag I uploaded the two main pieces of the bag, which are shown in tan in the image below. I also uploaded the svg files named cherry and caramel, which are the wavy pieces for the front flap of this bag. As you can see on the image below I changed their colors to white and red to better match the colors of my Mickey Mouse Christmas image.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

When you bring the SVG file into Design Space look at the lines that are inside of the treat bag, which I have indicated with blue arrows in the image above. You want to check in the Layers panel on the right hand side of the screen and make sure that these lines are set to Score, not cut. If they say cut just click on that layer in the Layers panel and then go to the top of the screen in Design Space and change the operation of this line from cut to score.

When you click the Make It button, the Cricut will sort all of the pieces it needs to cut so that everything that is the same color will be on the same mat. You just have to look at the mat preview screen to see what color material you need to load into the machine.

For the mat with the actual treat bag, it will score the lines for the bag first. This will be where you fold the sides of the bag. Make sure that you have a scoring wheel or scoring stylus inserted into your machine. After the scoring step is done, it will then cut the bag shape out.

Assemble your Mickey Mouse Christmas Treat Bag

Once you have all of your pieces cut, it is time to assemble your Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag. Since some of those pieces from the Mickey Mouse peeking through the wreath are small, I like to leave them on my cutting mat until I am ready to place them on the black background piece. I would recommend gluing the white and red wavy pieces on to your bag before you begin folding.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

For the main pieces of the treat bag, fold the bag along the score lines. I like to go over my fold lines with a bone folder, which is the white stick like tool you see in the image above. This helps you to get a nice smooth crease line with your folds. You can fold and build each side of the bag one at a time and use a tape runner with double sided tape to hold the pieces in place.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

The image above shows what one side of the treat bag will look like once it is folded. The hardest part of this bag was lining up the two sides to put the bag together. Take your time and line things up.

Now all that is left is to put the image of Mickey Mouse together and place him on the front of the bag. I like to place all of my pieces on the black layer and get my spacing right before I start to glue anything in place. I love to use my Zig glue pen to stick small pieces in place. This pen allows you to place a tiny little dot of glue exactly where you need it.

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

Another tool I find helpful is actually a tool used for weeding vinyl. If you do not have a needle pen tool yet I strongly recommend you get one. This tool is so helpful for picking up little tiny pieces, like those holly leaves and berries in this image. I first use the glue pen to place the glue where I wanted it, then I poked the pin-like needle from the needle pen into the berry piece to pick it up and place it on top of the glue. I did the same thing for the leaves.

You can purchase your own needle pen tool at My Craft Source by clicking HERE. Remember to use code ShawnMosch at check out to get an additional 5% off your order!

Mickey Mouse Christmas treat bag

After you fill your treat bag with candy, cookies, a small gift or a gift card, you can use some bakers twine or ribbon to tie the bag shut.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you stop back every day from now until Christmas to see what other Disney Christmas crafts I have planned for you! I am doing 25 Days of Disney Christmas Crafts to inspire you to add more Disney to your life while using your Cricut for crafting. If you want to see the whole line up of crafts you can go HERE.

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  1. Hi Shawn! My treat bag that I downloaded from DT has a round “window” aka hole, where Mickey goes. Design Space won’t let me contour the hole out to make it solid like yours is. And I don’t have the additional wavy part like you do for the white and red. I’m going to go back and read your instructions to see if I missed some steps and check on the Dreaming Tree file to make sure I down loaded the correct bag.

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