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Mike Wazowski

I hope you are enjoying all of the Disney Christmas crafts and tutorials that I have put together. This week I am focused on ornaments, and today’s is the Mike Wazowski ornament tutorial! I am going to use the same basic ornament shape that I shared with you earlier this week. Click HERE to go to that post and then come back here to see how I added elements to make the ornament look like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

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Just a side note, I think that Mike is my favorite character from Monsters Inc.! I think it is because people often overlook him due to his size. I have often felt that same way in my life!

Mike Wazowski Ornament – Step by Step

Once you have the basic Christmas ornament SVG uploaded into Design Space, click on the image and adjust the size. I decided to make mine 5″ in height. You can either drag the double arrow in the lower right corner of the image to resize, or enter the exact height you want in the Size area on the top panel. I circled the size area in blue at the top of this image for you to make it easy for you to find.

Disney Christmas ornaments Donald Duck Christmas tree ornament

When you click on the image, you will notice that all of the pieces of the Christmas ornament will resize together. This is because I have grouped them together. Since I am going to want to alter the white piece, I am going to click the Ungroup button in the upper right corner, indicated with the blue arrow in the image below. Ungrouping the layers will allow me to more easily work with just the white layer.

Christmas ornament

Now you can click on the white layer and change it to a bright green to match Mike Wazowski.

Lots of Circles

Now we just have to add several circles and layer them on top of each other to look like Mike’s giant eyeball. I go to the shapes button and click on the circle. This first circle will be white and it will be the largest one of the eye pieces. I made mine 2.34″ but yours might be a different size depending on how large you make your ornament.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc. monsters mike wazowski monsters inc mike wazowski

Now we can add another circle, make that one black and make it a lot smaller. I made this one 1.225″.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

Now let’s add another circle for the teal accent to Mike’s eye. For this teal accent, it is actually a ring, and you can see the black through the center. As you can see in the image below, I have one teal circle that is the size of the outer edge of the ring. The second one is the size of the inner edge. I select both circles and use the Align tool and choose Center. This will center the two circles perfectly on top of each other for me.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

Now that the circles are centered, I can click on the Slice which I point out in the image below with the blue arrow. Slice will cut the smaller circle from the center of the larger circle. Remember, you can only have two things selected for Slice to work.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

Now all that is left is to add the one tiny little white circle for the reflection on Mike’s eye. I love how easy it was to make this Monsters Inc. inspired project!

Monsters Mike Wazowski Ornament Video

If you would like to see all of the steps for designing this project come together you can watch this video which shows the steps I detailed out above. I have a lot more step by step videos on my YouTube channel if you would like to subscribe!

Assemble your Mike Wazowski Ornament

After all of the pieces are cut out it is time to assemble your Mike Wazowski ornament. I will be using my tape runner and Zig glue pen to assembly this ornament. These are great tools to have for your paper crafting.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

First I will apply double sided tape to the back of the large green piece with my tape runner, and then stick that on top of the black piece.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

Next, apply glue to the back of the teal ring and stick that to the black circle. I use the glue for this because the tape will be too wide for the ring. Then I place a dot of glue and put the small white dot over the top of the glue. Once the glue is dry, you can apply the double sided tape to the back of the black piece and place that in the center of the large white circle.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

Then use the tape runner to place tape on the back of the large white circle and place that on the center of the green ornament.

mike wazowski Monsters Inc.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and that you stop back every day from now until Christmas to see what other Disney Christmas crafts I have planned for you! I am doing 25 Days of Disney Christmas Crafts to inspire you to add more Disney to your life while using your Cricut for crafting. If you want to see the whole line up of crafts you can go HERE.

Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski Project Questions

The question I get asked the most about making a Mike Wazowski project is how many circles do you need. For this project I used 6 circles, along with the ornamet SVG. But you could use fewer to just give the feel of Mike. It is up to you!

Maybe I will make a whole Monsters Inc. holiday display and include other characters. Drop me a comment and let me know which Monsters Inc. character you would like to see!

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