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A few days ago I talked about the fact that my kids usually ask for more creative costumes for Halloween since they know that I can sew. After my son requested a Naruto Costume my daughter requested a Sakura Costume. Sakura is a female character in the Naruto cartoon series. For those of you not familiar with it, here is a picture of Sakura.


At first I thought about just purchasing a red dress and adding the white ribbon trim and accent, but my daughter really wanted the entire thing to be made of “shiny” fabric . . . so off to the fabric store we went. We found the perfect fabric in the Bridal Department, where everything is shiny or shimmery.

Now, how to make the dress . . .

We looked at dress patterns for a while, but nothing seemed right, and I knew I would have to alter it to have the zipper up the front because there was no way this fabric would stretch so that she could just pull it over her head. Then I had an inspiration . . . why not just use a zippered jacket/sweatshirt pattern and lengthen it to be a dress! I knew that I patterns for jackets like this at home, so we were set.


I just cut the entire pattern out, adding length to the jacket so that it would come down to her mid-calf. I did not sew the side seams up all the way because there is a slit on each side of Sakura’s dress. I cut a basic rectangle collar and just rounded the edges, with a little interfacing inside to make sure it stood up. I made the sleeves short, and then cut a “V” into and finished the edges with white seam tape. The zipper in the front goes down to almost her bellybutton, but you don’t notice the zipper at all due to the decorative white ribbon that comes across the front of the dress. Add some circles on the front and on the sleeves, and you are done!


I did purchase the black leggings she wore underneath the dress, and later on we did shorten them and add the fabric that is wrapped around Sakura’s leg.


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