Shaped Number Graduation Card

A shaped number card is quick and easy to make. Graduation season is just around the corner, and since my daughter will be graduating high school this year I know we will be going to a lot of Open Houses for her friends.  I wanted to make unique Graduation card from them instead of getting the same ones that everyone else will be getting from the stores.

shaped number card

his would be a great card to use in my #CardMakingBINGO game I have going on! You can find more information about that HERE.

Easy Shaped Number Card

I was able to easily make this 2018 shaped number card in school colors of the graduate using Cricut Design Space.  I used a font that has several layers. You can do this by filtering your font selection to only see the Multi Layered Fonts. If you cannot find a Multi Layered Font that you like, you could use a Single Layer Font and add two Offsets to it in order to achieve the same look I did with this card.

Since I was using a Multi Layered font, first I welded the shadow of the white outline of all four numbers together.  After it was welded, I made a copy and mirrored it above the original image. These two pieces will be the front and back of my shaped number card.

I used the Align tool to make sure that both the front and the back of this shaped card were perfectly lined up, and then I welded them together. The last step was to added a score line to it to create the shaped number card base. If you would like to see a video I did for making a shaped card I have a couple on my YouTube channel.

shaped number card

The next step was the gray outline, which I also welded together.  I made a copy of this and welded a square to the inside of it to create the piece for the inside of the card.  Instead of writing something on the inside, I used my Cricut pens to have the Cricut write a nice sentiment on the inside.


I layered the gray 2018 on the outside of the shaped card

shaped number card

Then I layer the gray piece with the sentiment to the inside of the card.

shaped number card

Next I cut the blue 2018


And last but not least, I layer the blue numbers on to the front of the card.

shaped number card

This is a simple but fun Graduation card that can be made using any school colors.


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