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Have you seen the amazing crafting projects that people are creating using mandala designs?  A mandala is a complex abstract design and it kind of looks like a doodle or zentangle pattern.  Here are some examples.  If you Google Mandala you can find a lot of images.


A lot of people are applying these mandala or lace like images over the outline of a state to create an image that can be cut with the Cricut from iron on vinyl and applied to a shirt, pillow or a canvas.  You could also do this out of permanent vinyl and place it on a water bottle, shadow box or your car.

The steps for creating one of these is pretty easy.  In Cricut Design Space I am going to search for Minnesota, since that is where I live.  Look at all of the Minnesota images there are!  If you have a subscription to Cricut Access then all of these images would be include in that . . . if not, you can just buy the one or two images you want.


I am going to pick just the one of the outline of Minnesota to work with, since I live in Minnesota. I will also need the solid filled in image of Minnesota.  Now I need the lace for the project, so I go back and search for lace.  So I will have three images on my working space . . . like this


Make the lace larger than the image of the state, so that it covers all parts of the state. Place the solid state over the top of the lace.  Select both the solid shape of the state and the lace by either making a window around both of them, or selecting one and then holding the shift key to select the second one.


In the lower right corner of the screen, select slice.  Slice is like using a cookie cutter . . . you are now cutting a Minnesota shaped cookie out of the lace.

Click on the pieces of the lace that are outside of the shape of the state and delete them.  Move the piece of lace you want to use back over the outline of the state, select the lace and the outline and click the weld button in the lower right corner to make everything one piece.


If you want to see all of the steps together, you can watch me do the steps in this video below.

You can use these same steps to put lace or a mandala design into any state you want.  If you don’t want to use a state, you could do this with a heart, or any other image you want.

In this example, I would have had to purchase the images of Minnesota and of the lace from Cricut.  If you don’t want to purchase the images from Cricut, you could search the internet to find an image of the state you want and upload that to Cricut Design Space and use the magic wand tool to clean it up.  If you don’t know how to do that, you can check out my post and video HERE that will show you the steps.  Cleaning up an image of one of the states will be pretty easy, but cleaning up an image of lace or a mandala will take a lot of time . . . personally I would rather just pay the small price to get the image from Cricut Design Space, but the choice is yours.

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