Using Applique Patterns in Cricut Design Space

I often tell my followers and students that sometimes their ideas or questions will end up being my next blog post or tutorial.  That is exactly what inspired this blog post! Watch how I upload an applique pattern to Cricut Design Space.

A fellow crafter wanted to use the image below that was created for making an applique.  Typically a quilter would cut each section of an image like this out of a different pattern/color of fabric.  It is like making a paint by numbers out of fabric.

upload an applique pattern to Cricut Design Space

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Instead of cutting this all by hand, she wanted to use her Cricut Maker to cut the different sections/pieces.  The Cricut Maker has a rotary blade that you can buy to use with it, which is perfect for cutting fabric.

Since this file was so large, I focused just on one flower for my video tutorial, but once you see the process for creating the different colored layered sections for the flower, you will understand how to do this same process for the whole image.

upload an applique pattern to Cricut Design Space

What you will need to do is upload and clean up the image once for each color that you want to use.  Below is the video that I did of my doing this process for the flower.

I hope that this helped you to understand the process to upload applique pattern to Cricut Design Space.

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