Using Contour in Cricut Design Space

If you still feel like a beginner with Cricut Design Space, let me show you a function that helped me to start to do so much more with the projects I was designing.  Today we are going to talk about the Contour function.

Contour is a great way to turn on and off different pieces and parts of an image.  This can open up the way you use some images.  For example, if you have an image like this one, that is just a black and white image or coloring book style image . . . . like this one that is available on Storenvy

you could just cut that black outline, like I did for this project.  For this specific example I cut it out of black iron on vinyl that was ironed onto a shirt.

But what if I wanted to use this same image, and add color to the balloons and use it on a card or scrapbook layout?  Did you know that you can use the Contour function to create the colored layers for a project like this?

To start off, bring the black outline image into Cricut Design Space.  Adjust it to be the size you want your completed image to be.  Next, duplicate the image.  Click on the duplicated image and go to the lower right corner of Design Space and click on Contour.  This shows you each individual cut in this image.  You can now click on the different cuts to hide them or turn the off, thus changing the contour of the image.

If these directions do not make sense, watch this little video . . .

Now you just have to do this over and over again for each color you want on this image.  Keep going until you have something that looks like this . . .

One I have all of the colors layered on top of each other, I like to turn the entire background cut to black, so that you get one full cut to layer all of the colors on top of.

I hope this helped you to learn to use the contour feature in Cricut Design Space.  There is so much you can do once you learn some of the features this software has.

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