free dingbat font from Dafont

Using Dingbat Fonts for Cutting Images

I am so excited about this!  For me this is a game changer!  I have already told you about downloading and using fonts from the site DaFont but let’s take those fonts to the next level.  Did you know that there are Dingbat fonts on DaFont and you can use THOSE in Cricut Design Space? 

What is a Dingbat font?

A Dingbat font is a font that uses images and picture in place of letters.  So if you type in ABC you will not see the letters ABC, you will see three pictures, images or drawings.

DaFont has thousands of fonts.  In the video below I will show you a few of the Dingbat Fonts.  I am also going to show you how to use those as a cutting file.  This could save you from having to go and buy an svg file for each and every project you want to create. The image below is from the font Disney Family which you can find HERE.

using dingbat font for cutting with Cricut

So watch the video below to see how I made this Donald Duck that I was able to cut with my Cricut!

After the time that I posted this video I went back into Design Space and finished using the contour tool to make all of the layers for this cut, and here is how it turned out.


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