Cricut Monogram Maker monogram tool

Cricut Monogram Maker

Monogramming is a great way to personalize a variety of items. In May of 2022, the new Cricut Monogram Maker tool was launched. This addition to the Cricut Design Space software will allow you to more quickly and easily design your own custom monograms.

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What is Monogramming?

Monogramming is simply adding a person’s initials to an item. This is a great way to personalize things without displaying the owner’s full name. Many people find that monogrammed items make for great gifts.

As crafters, we can use SVG files along with text from a huge variety of fonts, to create our own custom monogram designs. I have shown you how to do that with my Split Letter Monogram tutorial HERE.

Below is a list of some of the resources I have used in the past for text, fonts, design elements and even inspiration to create my own monogrammed designs over the years. I would encourage you to click on each link, create an account with each resource and then start to explore the options in monogram making tools available to you from each resource.

Are their rules for monogramming?

Traditionally speaking, monograms are a combination the first letter of a person’s first, last and middle name. Typically the letter that represents the last name would be in the center, and larger than the other letters.

What is the difference between monogramming and engraving?

Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, but a monogram could be created out of a wide variety of items. You could use embroidery, vinyl, paint or any other medium to produce your monogram. Engraving would be the act of chiseling an item, like a monogram, onto a piece of metal. You could even use the Cricut Monogram Maker to create a design that you then engrave onto a metal piece. I have a tutorial on engraving with your Cricut HERE.

Cricut Monogram Maker Questions

With every new tool that comes out for the Cricut, there are always a lot of questions that people have. If you have questions that I have not answered, please let me know so that I can add them to this list. I would also encourage you to check out the information directly from Cricut on this tool.

Is the Cricut Monogram Maker hard to use?

No. It is very simple to use if you want to make basic monograms with the fonts and designs that Cricut has chosen to make available within this tool. I have a video HERE that walks you through the tool. I like that there is a small preview so that you can see the look of your monogram design before you click the Add to Canvas button.

Is the Cricut Monogram Maker free to use?

The new monogram tool is included in the Cricut Access membership fee. This means if you do not pay for Cricut Access (which I do not) you can view and design monograms with this tool, but you cannot make them. When you click Make It, the Cricut Design Space software would then ask you to sign up for Access or start your free trial of the Access membership.

If you are like me and do not pay for the Access membership, you can still use the Monogram Maker for inspiration, and then use designs and fonts you have collected from other resources to create your own unique design.

If you are someone that plans on making a lot of monogramed items or even have a business where you sell monogramed products then the membership fee for Access might be worth it for you. Plus you could probably write that off as a business expense!

Can I use the Cricut Monogram Maker on any of my devices?

As of right now, this new tool is only available for the Desktop version of Cricut Design Space. It will show up in Design Space once you have updated your software to the 7.9 version.

Can I customize the monograms?

Yes! There are so many options un the Cricut Monogram Maker for ways to customize your designs that the possibilities are endless! Once you create your custom design, you can then add any color to it that you would like.

Cricut Monogram Maker Video

In the following video I will take you on a tour of the Cricut Monogram Maker tool, and also show you how I would have designed a custom monogram without the tool. I do this because I like to teach people how to look at the elements within a design so they can learn to use the free tools in Cricut Design Space to really create their own unique projects.

I found the tool very easy to use. To start, just click on the Monogram button on the left side of the screen. This will open up a new pop up window for you to work on your design. Then you will see a spot to type in the initials you want to use in the upper left corner. Place one letter in each box.

Just to the right of the Initials in the Cricut Monogram Maker, you will see a pull down that says Operation Type. This allows you to filter to your needs. For example, if you only want to see monograms that can be cut and drawn, you can easily filter to that option here.

I do really like that the different fonts are broken into themes or groupings. This helps you to narrow down your search if you know you only want to use a font with a handwritten look to it.

Another huge benefit of the Cricut Monogram Maker is that there is a preview section right under the Operation pull down. This allows you to see what your design will look like before you click the Add to Canvas button. I know when I am working on a design, I sometimes like to try a few options before I commit to one, so this preview is perfect for that!

Besides fonts, you can also add other elements to your monograms. What elements you can add are dependent of the font you are using, but if there are shapes or frames you can add around your monogram those will be visible under your preview area.

If you really want to get fancy, you can click on the Thematic tab and see various frame styles that you can add to your monogram. There is a wide selection of botanical and floral designs. Some are frames or a split image style of monogram. There are also decorative ones filled with various flourishes.

If you are creating a monogram for a special occasion like a holiday, then make sure to check out all of the choices under the Occasions in the Cricut Monogram Maker. There are even monogram styles for different hobbies, interests and sports.

By the way, if you would like to learn everything I know about using Cricut Design Space, I would highly recommend taking my Teach Me Cricut Design Space Online Course. You can find more details about that course HERE.

Projects that use Monograms

If you ever have a project that you want to personalize, then using the Cricut Monogram Maker is a great way to do that. I lot of people, including myself, do not think it is save to put the name of a child on an item that others might see. This could give a stranger too much information about the child. But a monogram allows you to personalize the item and only tell others the child’s initials.

Weddings are a great use of monograms, especially for gift giving. You can personalize towels. make a floating frame piece, create a monogramed canvas design or even drink holders. If you use iron on vinyl you could add a monogram to a tote bag, blanket or any other item made from fabric.

Tips for making monograms from iron on vinyl

I prefer to use Siser brand vinyl for my iron on projects. I feel that is the best quality brand of iron on vinyl out there, and it weeds the easiest. For permanent vinyl I like StarCraft vinyl.

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I have also ordered from Expression Vinyl. Sorry, no code for that one, but if they are having a sale or are the only place that you can find that has the item you want, at least you know they are a trusted retailer. All of these stores carry Siser brand vinyl and I love that I can order large rolls or small sheets. This can give you a larger variety of choices and allow to to save money on larger orders. To make sure you are getting the best price for your vinyl, make sure to check out my Vinyl Buyers Guide.


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