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This is a project I did back in June, but life has been busy and I have not had time to post the photos until now.


My daughter and her girlfriend wanted matching shirts for PRIDE, and since I have a Cricut I was able to make them something custom.

For the supplies, I got some holographic iron on vinyl and some dark gray tank tops.  I cut the outline of the state of Minnesota to get the size right before I cut it from the vinyl.


The Minnesota outline shape is found in Cricut Design Space™.  I combined the outline of Minnesota with the word PRIDE pretty easily.  After I typed up the word PRIDE I made a rectangle over it and used the slice function to cut a space from the outline of Minnesota.


After that, I used my heat press to apply the vinyl to the shirt.  The final shirts turned out so cute!  When the sunlight hits the holographic vinyl it shimmers and the colors come out.  They loved how they have a rainbow effect without being the bright and bold rainbow colors.

IMG 1379

The girls got so many complements on their custom designed shirts.

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