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Easy Cricut Projects

If you are looking for some fun and easy Cricut projects to make, that are easy for a beginner to do you will love this article! I have partnered with MyCraftSource.com to bring you the products for all of theses projects.

By the way, this post contains Affiliate Links to companies I have partnered with, such as Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You can think of affiliate links like tipping your waitress, only it does not cost you anything extra! Thank you for shopping with my links!

I am going to show you some easy Cricut projects that you can make with the supplies from MyCraftSource.com! Since I am a Disney fan, I decided to go with a Mickey Mouse watermelon theme for all of these easy Cricut projects, but you could use a normal watermelon design if you would like.

Easy Cricut Project Supplies

All of the Mickey Mouse Watermelon projects are made with just four colors of vinyl, black, white, pink and green. So scroll through the projects below, decide which of the easy Cricut projects you want to make and then purchase the vinyl at MyCraftSource.com! You will need permanent vinyl for some, and iron on vinyl for others so make sure to verify what you need off of my project details.

Additionally, you could do these projects with a normal watermelon design instead of my Mickey Mouse Watermelon SVG. I would go to the same site that I show you in THIS VIDEO and just search the word watermelon to find one you like.

OR if you follow the video HERE I can show you how to create your own watermelon slice shape using the free SVG file from MyCraftSource.com. So you can see, even without my svg you still have options!

  1. Head over to MyCraftSource.com and order your supplies
    • Remember to use coupon code ShawnMosch at check out to save 5%
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and see my playlist where see the step by step videos for all of the projects I show on this page.
  3. If you would like the Mickey Mouse Watermelon SVG file that I created, you can join my Patreon page HERE.
    easy Cricut projects Mickey Mouse watermelon July Mystery box

    What to look for in Easy Cricut Projects

    One thing I think is super helpful when you are looking for some Cricut ideas for beginners is to look at the complexity of the image being used.

    • How many colors are in the design?
    • Does it have a lot of small little details in it?
    • Is it an image that can easily be recreated in Design Space or is it already a SVG file?

    I thought about all of these things when I was creating these project ideas, because I really wanted them to be Cricut ideas for beginners so that anyone could create them. Once you create one, you feel successful and have more courage to move on to the next project! I like to focus on some Cricut ideas for beginners, so that they can get their machine out and really feel successful right away.

    All of the projects I will show you here will use the same Mickey Mouse watermelon design, which only has 4 colors. Before we start if you want to review my information on doing projects with multiple colors, or layers, you can click HERE.

    Crafting Ideas for Beginners

    If you are just getting started in the world of crafting with an electronic cutting machine, you might not even know where to start! I would recommend that you head over to my FREE Resources Page and download my Teach Me Cricut Design Space handbooks and cheat sheets. Personally, I think that starting with a cardstock project is the best place to start because you can create something without investing a lot of money into supplies.

    Using SVG Files

    Before we dive into the projects, I want to show you how easy it is to use a SVG file with your Cricut projects. Honestly, the only thing easier than using a svg file, is to use the designs found in Cricut Design Space!

    A SVG is a vector graphic image. I like to describe it as being a smart image, because there is data hidden inside the file that tells your cutting machine exactly where to cut, and where each color change happens. SVG files are different then images. Images are flat and do not contain any of this smart data. If you want to learn more about SVG files I have a whole article HERE. For now let’s just focus on my Mickey Mouse Watermelon SVG.

    Mickey Mouse Watermelon Card

    One easy Cricut project I like to suggest to people is making a card. One of the reasons I love to have people start off with making a card, like the Mickey Mouse watermelon card I show in the images below, is because all you need is your Cricut and some cardstock. I also use a scoring stylus, but really it is not a must have.

    When I think of easy Cricut projects, card making always comes to mind first. Cards are great way to get to know your Cricut machine and learn to use it. Then you can move on to more advanced projects. For this card, I used my Basic Card Tutorial, which you can see HERE. Then, instead of matting the whole card with a different color, I decided to just make a frame to accent the card. Check out the video on making frames below, or on my YouTube HERE.

    Next I picked a font I like, and ended up going with Beautiful and Openhearted, which is a font that I download from DaFont.com. If you have never downloaded and installed a font to use with your Cricut then do not worry because I have all kinds of information on the different fonts HERE. There is a special part in my font article called Resources for MORE Free Fonts that will talk about places like DaFont.com

    After I typed up the word sweet in the font I picked, I then welded the letters together. I have a tutorial HERE that will show you how to weld your letters. Welding is great for a script style font because when we type up a word in Design Space, there are some fonts that will look at each letter as a separate element, but if those letters are close together so that they touch or overlap then Weld will remove the cut lines between the letters. Basically you are telling the Cricut “cut the letters that touch out as a full word, instead of separate letters”.

    Once everything is all cut out, the other reason why this is an easy Cricut project is because you do not need any fancy tools to put it all together! Just glue the pieces to the card base and you are done! If you want to add some little beads, glitter dots or sequins you can. On my card I used some dots of Viva Decor, but a glitter glue would give a similar effect.

    Totally Honest Disclosure

    I feel like I need to say something here because I have always been totally honest with my followers. In the summer of 2022 I started to experience a lot of problems with my Cricut machine, which I talk about in more detail HERE.

    What this means is that all of the projects that I am sharing here were actually cut with the StarCraft Solo machine and not the Cricut. But if you are not experiencing the same issues I am seeing with my Cricut then that really does not matter. You can still use your Cricut to cut the SVG file for the Mickey Mouse Watermelon projects.

    Additionally, what I am showing with these Easy Cricut Projects is not really so much about using the Cricut, but about how to apply different materials to different projects, no matter what cutting machine you use! The good news is that after MONTHS of my Cricut not wanting to cut correctly, it finally did start working again. If you are experiencing issues, please try some of the items listed on my Troubleshooting page.

    Easy DIY Summer Can Holder

    I think that this can holder will be a great easy Cricut project that will introduce you into the world of using iron on vinyl on your projects. Iron on vinyl is also called HTV, which stands for Heat Transfer Vinyl. Don’t worry, they are all just different names for the same type of product. It is basically like how some people will use the term soda, pop and cola all for the same beverage.

    In addition to the Micky Mouse Watermelon design, I also used the words Be Sweet from another SVG I found at LoveSVG.com. Click HERE to download that SVG or to look for another saying you like.

    Once you upload the Mickey Mouse Watermelon SVG and the Be Sweet SVG into Cricut Design Space, you are going to want to

    1. Resize the image to fit on the can holder. I will show you a trick I use for this in my video below.
    2. Flip, or Mirror, your design. Since we are going to be cutting this from iron on vinyl, we will be cutting through the back side of that material, so in order to have the design show up correctly on our finished project we need to flip, or mirror, the design.
    3. Set your Cricut to Iron On Vinyl for the cut setting.
    4. Place your Iron On vinyl on the Cricut cutting mat with the shiny side down on the mat. This shiny side is the clear carrier sheet.
      • You might be wondering what order you cut your colors in, since this design has more than one color. Do not worry, because the Cricut will show you in the mat preview screen what order to cut the colors.. All of this information will be in the video below.

    Once everything is cut, now it is time to weed your project. Weeding is just removing what you do not want in the finished project, so that all that is left on the carrier sheet is the piece that you are going to press onto the can holder in this example.

    Then I like to figure out the overall placement and position of the design, by starting with the largest piece of the design. For this project I actually used both the pink piece and the black piece to figure out the placement and position. Then I held the pink piece down with my hand as I peeled the black piece off. This way I new the pink piece was exactly where I need it for pressing.

    Since we will be pressing different colored layers onto this project one at a time, we want to make sure we do not overheat this first layer. To help with this I always

    • Place parchment paper over the top of the colored layer
    • Press each colored layer for a short time (about 10 seconds)
      • I do recommend using a professional heat press. HERE is a view of the press I use.
    • After the carrier sheet has been removed, touch the design. If it is still warm wait a little longer and allow it to cool down more before adding the next colored layer.

    I go over all of these steps in my video below

    Easy Cricut Projects – Decorate a Shirt

    Since the steps to resize the design for your shirt, mirror of flip it since we are cutting it from HTV, loading the mats into the cutting machine and weeding the design are all the same at the steps we follows for the Mickey Mouse Watermelon I am not going to go over those steps again. I am only going to call out the things that I would do differently for this shirt.

    Before adding the HTV to a garment, I like to press the garment. This helps to smooth it out and remove any wrinkles that might be in the area where you are going to apply your design. It also will help to remove any moisture from the fabric so that the HTV has a better surface to stick to.

    If your garment has any seam, I highly recommend using a pressing pillow. By putting the pressing pillow inside your garment, it raises up the area that will have the design applied to it. This helps to make sure you get a really good press. Without the pressing pillow, the shoulder seams on a shirt like the one I show in the video below might prevent the heat press from making good contact with the design and the garment. Click HERE to purchase a pressing pillow set.

    Cricut Ideas for Beginners – Decorate a Bag

    Since the steps to resize the design for your bag, mirror of flip it since we are cutting it from HTV, loading the mats into the cutting machine and weeding the design are all the same at the steps we follows for the Mickey Mouse Watermelon can holder, I am not going to go over those steps again. I am only going to call out the things that I would do differently for this bag.

    This time when I pressed the bag, I made sure that the zipper was positioned outside of the heat press. This helps to make sure you get a good press and contact between the heating element of your press and your project.

    Honestly this project is really similar to the shirt, but I hope you are starting to see that you do not have to find a whole new image or design for each project! You can find one image or design that you like and keep using it in different ways.

    Easy Cricut Projects – Add Vinyl to Color Changing Cups

    For the color changing cups, I am going to use StarCraft permanent vinyl. This time when we cut the design we do not have to mirror it since we are cutting through the front side of the vinyl. We want to make sure that our cut setting is set to Vinyl on the Cricut so that we cut through the top layer of vinyl but keep the paper backing sheet in tact. Then weed your vinyl to remove the excess and expose the paper backing.

    Now you will grab some transfer tape, which is a clear adhesive product that helps you to layer and place your adhesive vinyl. Another thing I use is a piece of parchment paper when layering my adhesive vinyl. When you cover up most of the sticky area on the back of the design and transfer sheet with parchment paper, this allows you more easily see what you are doing when you are trying to line up your layers.

    Once you have things lined up, you can press down the top portion of the transfer tape so that it sticks to the layer underneath. Then remove the parchment paper and smooth down the rest of the design. I show you this process step by step in the video HERE.

    To Seal or Not To Seal

    The topic of if you need to seal your adhesive vinyl with anything is a HUGE debate in the crafting world. I wrote a whole article just about different Cricut mistakes, myths and mysteries HERE. Some people love to epoxy their cups, but if you are not into the world of using epoxy I am here to tell you there really is no reason to seal your cups. I would never recommend applying a Mod Podge product over them. This can make your finished project look cloudy and you might see the brush lines from the Mod Podge on the surface.

    Instead, allow the adhesive vinyl to cure. How do you let vinyl cure? You just let it set on the item that you put your design on. Leave it alone and don’t pick at it, and do not wash it for 24 – 72 hours. This allows the vinyl time to set up and bond with the item you placed it on.

    To care for your items that you placed adhesive vinyl on, make sure to hand wash them. Never soak them in soapy water.

    Easy Cricut Projects – Mickey Mouse Watermelon Keychain

    For our next easy Cricut project we are going to layer adhesive vinyl on an acrylic blank. These acrylic blanks can be used as keychains, ornaments, bag decoration or anything else you can think of!

    In this video I show you the parchment paper trick again, for layering vinyl. Additionally I show you the wet application method. For this, after I have the green, white and pink pieces layered I lightly spritz the back of the vinyl and the front of the acrylic blank with water. This helps so that if I do not like the position, I can more easily lift the vinyl back up to reposition.

    Once you are happy with the positioning, you smooth down the vinyl and wipe off the excess water. You can also use your burnishing tool to help push the water out from under the vinyl. I like to let this sit and dry for a while before I do anything else with it to make sure it has a good stick.

    Mickey Mouse Magnet

    Now we are going to use the smaller of the two Mickey Mouse wooden shapes from my Mystery Box to make a Mickey Mouse magnet. This is probably the fastest of my easy Cricut projects I show in this whole group!

    making a mickey mouse magnet

    Start with the small 3″ Mickey Mouse wooden piece from MyCraftSource.com and sand it down. After I sanded mine, I wiped it off with a damp towel to get rid of any fine dust from the sanding process.

    Use some black pain and apply that evenly to the wood piece. Total honesty here . . . I just grabbed any old black paint that I had in my craft stash. It does not need to be anything fancy. Actually if you want to go with a color other than black then do that! This is your project.

    I do recommend when you paint the Mickey Mouse wooden piece to go with the grain of the wood, so in this case from left to right. This way your brush strokes go in the same direction as the grain of the wood. I allowed my paint to dry and then added a second coat.

    Because my paint had a matte finish and I wanted this project to have some shine to it, after my paint was totally dry I did three coats of Mod Podge. If you have never used Mod Podge, it is basically a glue and dries clear and shiny. It is used a lot in decoupage projects. Since this project will not be undergoing heavy wear and tear, and will not be exposed to the elements, it will work perfect for our needs.

    Next up, I used the rose gold adhesive vinyl and cut my name. I used the font Beautiful and Openhearted, which I got from DaFont, but feel free to use any font that you like. I have some suggestions HERE. If you have never used fonts from outside of Design Space, make sure to read the information HERE.

    After I weeded the adhesive vinyl, I used the parchment paper trick to help me place my name on the front of the wooden piece. The last step is to get some magnets with adhesive on the back. There are a variety of them made just for crafts like this, that I put in my Amazon Store HERE.

    I used the magnet sheets that you can cut since that is what I hade on hand. After I applied he magnet to the back of the wooden piece I put a heavy book on top of it and let it sit overnight. That helps the adhesive on the back of the magnet and the wood to really have time to adhere to each other.

    DIY Mickey Mouse magnet

    That is it! You can see from the photo above that there are some TINY little pieces inside the font. I did not even weed those out! When I removed the transfer tape most of them came out on their own and the ones that did not come out sort of left a textured element that I really liked for this project.

    I really hope that these easy Cricut projects have inspired you to try something new, and taught you a few tips and tricks for working with different types of materials!

    Thank you to MyCraftSource.com!

    I want to do a huge shout out to MyCraftSource.com! Not only do they have the best prices on supplies, with fast shipping, but they also offer influencers like me to have a special coupon code so that you can save money when you shop with them.

    Use coupon code ShawnMosch at checkout to save 5%!

    Since people always ask me what my favorite brands of vinyl are, I thought I would add that here.

    I prefer to use Siser brand vinyl for my iron on projects. I feel that is the best quality brand of iron on vinyl out there, and it weeds the easiest. For permanent vinyl I like StarCraft vinyl. To make sure you are getting the best price for your vinyl, make sure to check out my Vinyl Buyers Guide.

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